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Homebrew Download free for Mac. Homebrew is a package manager for Mac OS X. This package manger is Mac editors best choice, scripted to install binary apps, applets and other goodies to enhance mac users’ daily computing experience.

Homebrew for Mac Review

Homebrew is the best editor’s choice software package manager designed to install UNIX tools and other open-source applications on Mac OS X. It can be easily and quickly installed with help of Apple developer tools and X Code command line tools. Homebrew is written and compiled in ruby programming language. This software package manager is constructed with DSL (domain specific language) for managing dependencies, downloading source files, configuring and compiling software. As Homebrew manage package dependencies, this means that multiple applications can use the same dependent software. That said, Homebrew setup opens up repository of open source software to Mac ninjas and due to ruby compilation, it allows to merge upstream updates. Further, it installs packages within prefix of its directory, without clogging your Mac directory which is an outstanding feature. In addition, symlinks allow to link the files and directories across various locations, allowing Mac users to grow package library as long as they wish. Command lines ae simple in Homebrew such as ‘Brew’ command which allows to control Homebrew. Packages can be installed or uninstalled by ‘brew install/uninstall’. Moreover these packages can be searched by typing ‘brew search’. ‘brew doctor’ is another command for verifying and testing proper functioning of Homebrew after installation. One of the most interesting packages is, Cask package, which allows mac enthusiasts to install Mac OS GUI apps. These apps make Mac operations more intuitive and easy to learn and use. Another spectacular package, wget, is the best tool to download data from web via command line. From single file to whole directory, wget can download anything. In addition, N map is the cutting-the-edge network security scanner for system administrators, network admins and security researchers. From network assets to detection of software versions on clients, it can find anything for Mac users. Besides N map, Homebrew offers another marvelous package, Geoip, for providing data geolocation for the inserted IP address. Moreover, Links and lynx are command line web browsers which are useful to test the functionality and compatibility of a website with alternate browsers. Lastly, Watch, allow users to be watchful of virtual memory usage and disk usage. In conclusion, Homebrew, powered by Slant caters endless repository of open source software and packages.

Features of Homebrew for Mac

  • Editors best choice software package manager
  • Easy installation with help of X Code command line tools
  • Caters endless repository of open source software and packages
  • Links and lynx to test functionality of a website
  • Cutting-the-edge network security scanner, N map and Geoip, for system administrators, network admins and security researchers
  • Wget, best tool to download data from web via command line
  • Symlinks to link files and directories across various locations

Technical Details of Homebrew for Mac

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  • Developer: Slant community

System Requirements of Homebrew for Mac

  • Operating Systems:
  • Memory (RAM):
  • Hard Disk Space:
  • Processor:

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